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Do you think @RobbyGordon noticed?…


Do you think @RobbyGordon noticed?



14 thoughts on “Do you think @RobbyGordon noticed?…

  1. @speed_energy where can I get some im Utah

  2. Great shot, poster worthy ! He noticed

  3. @robbygordon all day!!!

  4. Better he Gased it up and got it sideways for her! @robbygordon #neverlift

  5. depends what the other side looks like

  6. I’m going with yes…

  7. Pshhh. No. Her top is still on!

  8. Nah, robby doesn’t like girls

  9. Yes. That probably where he just about rolled that sucker up at blue water.

  10. This is you right ? ???????? @meesespiecess

  11. @garrottt yessss sir ????

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