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@RobbyGordon ready! #baja1000…


@RobbyGordon ready! #baja1000



12 thoughts on “@RobbyGordon ready! #baja1000…

  1. Get them Rob!!! @robbygordon

  2. @robbygordon Baldwin and McMillan are kicking your ass

  3. ^^really?? Robby haven’t even got in the drivers seat yet… And if your gonna talk shit learn how to spell McMillin haha and BJ and Menzies are out front.

  4. Lol if someone can catch up its this guy???????????? @robbygordon

  5. Correction vildosola and bj

  6. Gas on Robby! Put the shit talkers in their place!

  7. A lot of ground to make up .. seems like is gona be a tough battle ..

  8. Jus around 150 miles behind race leader but u can do it

  9. I have his truck in a rc car

  10. U gotta this pedal to the metal theres no such things call brakes

  11. Tough day. Heard pin broke 2 shocks early on. Good job on the finish guys. Wish I could say the say for me an Brandon Walsh in the speed energy #701

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