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@RobbyGordon the REAL winner of the Parker 425 @toyotires @traxxasracing @4wheel…


@RobbyGordon the REAL winner of the Parker 425 @toyotires @traxxasracing @4wheelparts @magnaflow #neverlift #teamtoyo #repeat



15 thoughts on “@RobbyGordon the REAL winner of the Parker 425 @toyotires @traxxasracing @4wheel…

  1. Agreed!!! Robby smoked everyone out there today and never looked back!!!

  2. @speed_energy @robbygordon

  3. Hell ya Robby!! @robbygordon @speed_energy

  4. What did you get docked for @speed_energy @robbygordon

  5. Did they give him the 15 min penalty? @speed_energy @robbygordon

  6. Hmm why is he always Getting time penalties….not the first time lol

  7. Jesus… It’s always something with Robby @carlson_racing @speed_energy but he was hauling some serious ass all day!

  8. Is that the old Nelson & Nelson Larry Ragland truck ?

  9. BITD the real first time you have a real horsepower race and bitching bout a helicopter direct conection ,,its not like the fkn choose scooped him up around the track ,,that’s bull shit ,,,direct conect my ass robby whiped them all all day yyyyeeeee!!!!!

  10. I love that the truck is just sitting in Robby’s garage haha.

  11. #realwinner #fuckpistolpete

  12. @jaritjohnson no Robby built this a few years ago.

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