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10 thoughts on “Legit….

  1. Where can you get these @speed_energy on web site it only shows small ones

  2. We want one! Would look good in the race shop

  3. @speed_energy. Need to donate one to my shop(hint, hint) 🙂

  4. @greazemunkey02 I want one of these!

  5. I want won sooo bad

  6. Send one to Texas so I can sell some speed in my shop!

  7. please? 🙂 @speed_energy

  8. I’d love to own one of those

  9. Yeah me too @deesanden

  10. Hey my Name Is Andre @speed_energy what does it take to get into the Company Working For you Guys I’ve been really interested in working with you guys out Of California as a stocks men or driver,So if u have any info for me that i can get in contact with you Personally really Would be interested.. Thanks @speed_energy @robbygordon @speed_energy_river_dist

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