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#Repost @toyotires with @repostapp.
@robbygordon #teamtoyo #toyotires #dakar…


#Repost @toyotires with @repostapp.
@robbygordon #teamtoyo #toyotires #dakar2015



12 thoughts on “#Repost @toyotires with @repostapp.
@robbygordon #teamtoyo #toyotires #dakar…

  1. Yeah…. But race tires!

  2. Burnouts for free too

  3. No @kleenhall those are Factory les schwab off the shelf tires.

  4. @kevthomsen what? No he runs Toyo’s, specifically race spec Toyo’s

  5. @kleenhall sarcasm. I am well aware that Robby and BJ run our race program Toyo M/T.

  6. @kevthomsen haha I was thinking wtf is this guy on right now

  7. Are they available to the public ? @kevthomsen

  8. Toyo MTs are sure. But the race version no. Not street legal.

  9. ????????????????????????

  10. Race versions are available through Robby Gordon Off-road as well

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