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On board with @gavin_harlien final lap @roadamerica race 1 – @ufdracing @kmcwhee…


On board with @gavin_harlien final lap @roadamerica race 1

@ufdracing @kmcwheels @toyotires #stadiumsupertrucks




23 thoughts on “On board with @gavin_harlien final lap @roadamerica race 1 – @ufdracing @kmcwhee…

  1. What is the 5 gal jug for that all sst trucks have on the passenger side? Catch can for over flow?

  2. So wanna drive one of those ????

  3. @griffincloughley … riding with Griff

  4. Nice blocking of his line.

  5. @anders_4x4 fixa rörken

  6. Would love to see them go around the Nordschliffe some day ????????????

  7. Are these in any video game yet?? Maybe a remake of Ivan “Iron Man” Stewart’s classic?? ????

  8. Holy ???? I wish this was my job. What a bunch of blessed individuals to do this for a living just wow

  9. @roadamerica best track for @ssupertrucks thus far

  10. This is what NASCAR is missing

  11. @_hameron helllll yes

  12. Awesome, mind if I repost?

  13. Robby turned a few NASCAR cars into street legal cars somehow. Any way we could get an SST truck street legal? Or should I just buy one of those fancy side by sides????

  14. @katecampa estos sueño cuando duermo gordita ????????????

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