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Check out this video from a @camsmotorsport sanctioned event – no fences, crowd …


Check out this video from a @camsmotorsport sanctioned event – no fences, crowd next to track, fast trucks jumping and CAMS is giving us a hard time….? @robbygordon considers #stadiumsupertrucks way safer than this!
CAMS policy is Safety First??????




10 thoughts on “Check out this video from a @camsmotorsport sanctioned event – no fences, crowd …

  1. America is getting soft.

  2. Our reason for posting this as this event is a CAMS sanctioned event and there are NO Safety precautions here as the have stated in there comments about SST it’s about Safety First Policy and it seems there are double standards going on?

  3. Well played @ssupertrucks ????????????

  4. Now out street trucks are getting taken off the road for having 33″ mud tyres. I love Australia.

  5. Can you negotiate with AASA and bringing your own insurance? CAMS has always given everyone a hard time and their BS is over the top. AASA gave us heaps more freedom with drift events by actually assessing risk rather than people who have no idea about the sport making rules for the sake of it? @stadiumdriftaustralia can you guys help out with contacts? Let’s not shit talk our few remaining races like Finke though guys, it would be a tragedy to see these shut down too! We’re all here for the same reason! Good luck with negotiations, fingers crossed!

  6. And they say people of Mexico are crazy

  7. To be fair does the baha 1000 have fences

  8. The people at @camsmotorsport have no idea they are people that get some authority and it goes to their heads… they are are out to fuck a good sport. Every form of motorsport is dangerous we all know that and its the risk we take when we get in the car and even as a spectator watching. The super trucks are such an awesome sport and bring big crouds why ruin it. No one has been badly injured so whats the big deal dont understand….

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