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#throwbackthursday to 2015 #goldcoast and #stadiumsupertrucks getting top billin…


#throwbackthursday to 2015 #goldcoast and #stadiumsupertrucks getting top billing in the Gold Coast Bulletin



11 thoughts on “#throwbackthursday to 2015 #goldcoast and #stadiumsupertrucks getting top billin…

  1. Good times ???????? Won my First Supertrucks race there!!

  2. They should have the SST’s at the F1 Grand Prix in Melbourne.

  3. U guys need to sort out the shit fight to get the trucks back at the gc! Piss off they were canceled this year

  4. sst needs its own rounds maybe, or with the new touring cars or something. To good to lose.

  5. @supercarschampionship @camsmotorsport

  6. @theworldaccordingtostevebell check out them 2 good looking roosters

  7. We need you to come over to the UK or at least let is know how we can watch on tv

  8. Bring back the super trucks, far better entertainment than the supercars

  9. It’s an awesome division, the spice that it brings to Australian Motorsport is something else. Hopefully you get some good luck and return to the sunny shores of Australia

  10. Honestly @ssupertrucks , it’s the difference between me attending the event in person, and watching it on TV. I think I know which one the promoter would prefer. The @supercarschampionship are good, but once you blokes are on the event card, it’s a no brainer that I want to attend.

  11. Bring back stadium trucks !! Damn when those other “ Utes “are on the queue for the bar and food are gunna be huge ????????????????????????

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