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Next up is the @boostaus #stadiumsupertrucks at @sydneymotorsportpark , October …


Next up is the @boostaus #stadiumsupertrucks at @sydneymotorsportpark ????????, October 26-28.

Tickets available at the gate, $15 Saturday, $20 Sunday.




16 thoughts on “Next up is the @boostaus #stadiumsupertrucks at @sydneymotorsportpark , October …

  1. Come to UK pleaaaaaase

  2. But I thought you were banned? Something change?

  3. Good to see boost jump on board and support SST! I’d love more trucks down under!

  4. Thanx Robby , from Havasu !

  5. @aarondavis_22 cooooooolll

  6. ???????? Can’t wait

  7. @codyforrest36 @jakearmstrong499 how cool is that! You use to do that shit in that old Toyota

  8. Do they race in germany?

  9. @amy_allsop we going sunday

  10. @blasco_socalkid dude!!!!!! We have to go watch this in person!!

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