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Good racing in Sydney from the @russellingall @boostaus roof cam @jeffhoffman_4…


Good racing in Sydney from the @russellingall @boostaus roof cam
@jeffhoffman_47 @colepotts60 @robbygordon #stadiumsupertrucks @toyotires




24 thoughts on “Good racing in Sydney from the @russellingall @boostaus roof cam @jeffhoffman_4…

  1. So thaaaat’s what happens to @colepotts60… good lines boss @robbygordon ????????????

  2. What did @colepotts60 do to piss off @robbygordon so much? Can’t recall that type of payback in SST by him…ever?

  3. Every single time they jump… I can’t help but giggle like a kid ???? so fun to watch

  4. @jeffhoffman_47 tryna get away from the dogfight ????????????

  5. @woodysweirdworld you seen these this before? Looks like we could do this….

  6. @bricoop7 Cole isn’t mad… that’s just racing in these things. Part of why they’re so entertaining!

  7. @moik20 this looks like so much fun

  8. @spin_cycle88 @mattycones Looks like fun

  9. @yamahonda123 Every time I see these trucks racing it reminds me of the time you me and @hsrdave almost ran into each other racing to Cory’s house . Hah good times. I remember Domm freakin our when we almost piled into u Tony

  10. That was rad ???? some hard racing

  11. @copatruck @giaffoneracing bela ideia pra adicionar ao Mercedes Challenge e à Copa Truck ????????

  12. So much better than diseasal stupidutes

  13. So sick, how can I get into this?

  14. @fernandoalo_oficial this is what I was talking about

  15. @fernandoalo_oficial this is what I was talking about

  16. What happened to the YouTube channel. No uploads since a very long time. ????

  17. Man I just wanna ride hahaa so dope! Yaaa????????????

  18. I want to drive one of these bad boys!

  19. @rolando_993 no hay perdón acá ????

  20. Lol. Could probably use a little more aero downforce & grip in them corners. @masonenderby @dave356w @z_mollyjoy

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