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@sheldoncreed during track testing at @glenhelenraceway – Huge air!!! – The raci…


@sheldoncreed during track testing at @glenhelenraceway –
Huge air!!!

The racing is going to be great, make sure you join us Saturday & Sunday –
@ratsult @toyotires @kmcwheels @speed_energy #stadiumsupertrucks #california




23 thoughts on “@sheldoncreed during track testing at @glenhelenraceway – Huge air!!! – The raci…

  1. Which would be faster on this track, and SST or Lucas Pro2?????

  2. @farfromcory @kevinbnc @tha_tucker @motojerm00 @flipwhip713

  3. Great to see them back on dirt!

  4. What’s the driver line up? Would be cool to see some of the top short course off road racers out there

  5. That looks like so much fun!

  6. @agustindiazinfante

  7. @ssupertrucks do you know where I can watch the races in the UK? Is there a website I can stream from? Thanks ????????

  8. @tomcoronelracing

  9. @tomv1234 fuck I would love a go. Slash’s will have go do for now ????????

  10. E mail this video to me now Scott please [email protected] so I can post it clear

  11. @kam_brian @j.jaramillo939 this would be a fun race to go to.

  12. I need one of these trucks ????????

  13. @shaynethomson these trucks fuckin sore

  14. @shazzwazzza we need to go to america just to watch crazy motorsport

  15. They are doing in trucks what quads did 20 years ago… Amazing

  16. @jamescrawshawracing ????

  17. @wood.tony I’ll help you build it

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