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@jeffhoffman_47 WINS #stadiumsupertrucks Moto 1 at @glenhelenraceway. @mattybrab…


@jeffhoffman_47 WINS #stadiumsupertrucks Moto 1 at @glenhelenraceway. @mattybrabs was 2nd, @ariejr was 3rd.

What a crazy race! Be sure to join us on Sunday!

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14 thoughts on “@jeffhoffman_47 WINS #stadiumsupertrucks Moto 1 at @glenhelenraceway. @mattybrab…

  1. Sooooo Creed wasn’t really racing or what?

  2. What a comeback by @ariejr

  3. Awesome!!! Congrats @jeffhoffman_47 !! ????????????

  4. The Hoff!!! ????????????????????????????????

  5. It’s Team UFD Racing, they’re born winners !! Great result in a tough race.

  6. Congrats Jeff! Super stoked for you!!!

  7. Man, how young is this guy?

  8. Congratulations Jeff. Good run.

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