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Awesome drone quickie from SST race 1 at @glenhelenraceway – @erik_alwaysevolvi…


Awesome drone quickie from SST race 1 at @glenhelenraceway

@erik_alwaysevolving #stadiumsupertrucks #offroad




24 thoughts on “Awesome drone quickie from SST race 1 at @glenhelenraceway – @erik_alwaysevolvi…

  1. That finish though.

  2. @cmascabeza @taylor.chad50 @joedc81

  3. @deadlyaffinity @sbvand_1 ????

  4. I believe the drone actually bounced off a truck once.

  5. That’s some good drone flying

  6. @rivas_concepts ????

  7. That drone was freaking unreal!!! I met the guy flying it and he was so damn dialed it it was crazy. Top of his game for sure.

  8. This video just reminded me why i love this stuff

  9. Drone was incredibly fast and would turn on a dime. Great job

  10. Thats Always Evolving AE program super cool people !!#paulwalker #rodgerrodis

  11. Saw a drone get toralled my an sst off the crossover . Was rad!

  12. Where’s the drone that died a rough death yesterday during SST ????

  13. I feel like that has to annoy the shit out of the driver

  14. @cherry_head_ we need this drone

  15. @schweier_performance

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