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Congratulations to @gavin_harlien, winner of #stadiumsupertrucks race #2. @matty…


Congratulations to @gavin_harlien, winner of #stadiumsupertrucks race #2.
@mattybrabs was 2nd, @jeffhoffman_47 was 3rd. Matt Brabham was the overall weekend winner.
Thanks to everyone who attended the races this weekend at Glen Helen.



8 thoughts on “Congratulations to @gavin_harlien, winner of #stadiumsupertrucks race #2. @matty…

  1. Congrats @gavin_harlien ????????????

  2. Big wins for both @gavin_harlien and @mattybrabs! Which one ended as the 2018 @ssupertrucks #Champion?

  3. Or there is more racing to come?

  4. Congrats @mattybrabs on a podium weekend and Champion ! Good on @gavin

  5. What happened to @sheldoncreed ??

  6. Someone just give me a truck and a chance… please!!

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