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Land Rush Start – Race 1 – Glen Helen – #stadiumsupertrucks @blvcam #offroad…


Land Rush Start – Race 1 – Glen Helen – #stadiumsupertrucks @blvcam #offroad




24 thoughts on “Land Rush Start – Race 1 – Glen Helen – #stadiumsupertrucks @blvcam #offroad…

  1. Had a great time! Thanks @robbygordon for putting on such a cool program!

  2. @fvkn_edward @betocontreras_sn95 ????????

  3. Damn. This is so dope!! ????????????

  4. Wow!!! One of the coolest shot i have ever seen????????????

  5. Did the drone go down once it got hit by the roost?

  6. Nice footage, feels like I’m playing a video game.

  7. @arxrallycross @nascar @imsa_racing @lucasoiloffroad @espn @sportscenter

  8. Some of these drone guys are changing the game! Love it!

  9. Killing the drone video game ???? ????????

  10. @f1 can we ???????? have this camera angle for Australia…?

  11. @lewishamilton ????????????F1 needs this camera angle ????????

  12. Wow that’s awesome I thought it was a game for a minute lol ????

  13. @kyle.roepke what were we just talking about?

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