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#stadiumsupertrucks drivers @robbygordon @colepotts60 @bladehildebrand will comp…


#stadiumsupertrucks drivers @robbygordon @colepotts60 @bladehildebrand will compete in the 2019 @dakarrally, January 6-17

Link to story in bio????

@toyotires #teamspeed #dakar #dakarrally @speed_energy @textronoffroad



17 thoughts on “#stadiumsupertrucks drivers @robbygordon @colepotts60 @bladehildebrand will comp…

  1. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????con todo TEAM SPEED ENERGY ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Yea wtf? Is that a wheelie bar?

  3. @robbygordon do the spares have a full hub also so they rotate?

  4. Is that one vehicle and which way is it going? ????????????

  5. does the car catagorey include the minis and whatever it is that loeb drives?

  6. See you there gang Bring on the Peruvian Sand pit Let the epic adventure start

  7. This only makes the greatest off road race in the world even greater

  8. At first glance I thought those wheels would perhaps prevent the front end from digging in on endos but…… hey wait a sec maybe that would work.hey didn’t they laugh at the car at first.

  9. Awesome! Will there be any Dakar decals, apparel available for purchase?

  10. Go let them have it Robby. ????????????

  11. Now it needs a long travel kit for it’s bumper wheels

  12. So I’m slightly buzzing right now and this really confused me or a good 10 seconds ????

  13. That’s a pretty cool way of mounting the spares. Doesn’t tie up space for tool storage or obstruct rear view mirror

  14. @robbygordon you are the ultimate badass ????????

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