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Team SPEED is ready for the 2019 @dakarrally…


Team SPEED is ready for the 2019 @dakarrally



15 thoughts on “Team SPEED is ready for the 2019 @dakarrally…

  1. Good luck lads ????????????

  2. Thought these were RC cars????????‍♂️

  3. Hell Yeah!???????????? Go Team USA! Hammer Down!????????

  4. ???? best of luck ????????

  5. Good luck in the race

  6. Kick some ass!???????????? @ssupertrucks @robbygordon @planetrobby

  7. Good luck, I’ll be following the updates on TV. Hopefully the ASO will leave Team USA alone instead of trying to find ways of disqualifying em.

  8. Good luck, it is a marathon that can’t be won in the first days, but it can be lost.

  9. Can finally be interested in this race again. Go get them team speed????????????

  10. Good luck gentelmen!!!

  11. Sounds to me like they are in trouble already due to some kind of speed restrictions. Oh boy!

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