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@robbygordon WINS #Rocmexico @raceofchampions SST Race 1, @mattybrabs was 2nd, @…


@robbygordon WINS #Rocmexico @raceofchampions SST Race 1, @mattybrabs was 2nd, @colepotts60 was 3rd.

Race 2 is on Sunday at 5:30pm/et and will be shown live on the SST Facebook page #stadiumsupertrucks



7 thoughts on “@robbygordon WINS #Rocmexico @raceofchampions SST Race 1, @mattybrabs was 2nd, @…

  1. ????????????????????

  2. Mexico is your home guys!!!! Congrats!!!

  3. ????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. Aquí no había límite de velocidad?

  5. Nice post ???? Hello ????

  6. they must have been ready to really let the hammer down after getting out of all that tough terrain they wear in days before. True drivers gnarly team ???????? @robbygordon @colepotts60

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