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2018 Adelaide Race 2 – @robbygordon edges out @gavin_harlien & @mattybrabs – @s…


2018 Adelaide Race 2

@robbygordon edges out @gavin_harlien & @mattybrabs

@speed_energy #stadiumsupertrucks #australia #recap




11 thoughts on “2018 Adelaide Race 2 – @robbygordon edges out @gavin_harlien & @mattybrabs – @s…

  1. @bladehildebrand with the spin cycle near the end

  2. @ssupertrucks @robbygordon #lagunaseca in sept for @indycar ??

  3. @supercarschampionship how good would this be as a support catergory!!! Would have to be the most exciting catergory

  4. I got dumped by Travis ????

  5. @aidan_o_connor think I’ll sell the quad and the car and get into this ????

  6. @little_jeane this is the coolest, they do dirt too. Lanesboro with Marcel!

  7. Still waiting for a Vegas stop like ☠️

  8. Good clean battle ????????

  9. How about back into a stadium with dirt!!

  10. Torque monsters ! Damn @robbygordon can still wheel it!

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