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Give The People What They Want! #australia #stadiumsupertrucks…


Give The People What They Want! #australia #stadiumsupertrucks



7 thoughts on “Give The People What They Want! #australia #stadiumsupertrucks…

  1. @ssupertrucks #FORTHEPEOPLE!

  2. Everyone’s losing out. Fans/spectators, sponsors, event promoters, sst. Adelaide won’t be the same this year ???????? hopefully something can be sorted in the near future

  3. #grandstandfull????????

  4. Hey c’mon you’ve got the new superute series instead to look forward too ????????????those things are just soooooooo much more fun to watch. #camsprotectingtheirinvestment

  5. Take away such an awesome spectacle and replace it with toyota 86 and superute racing, fukn shit form.

  6. Bring them to @atlantamotorspeedway!

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