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Testing at #stadiumsupertrucks HQ with @thethrill57 & @sheldoncreed – Race 1 of…


Testing at #stadiumsupertrucks HQ with @thethrill57 & @sheldoncreed

Race 1 of the 2019 season begins March 22-24 at @cota_official

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6 thoughts on “Testing at #stadiumsupertrucks HQ with @thethrill57 & @sheldoncreed – Race 1 of…

  1. Sheldon creed ????????????

  2. I’ll be there soon ????????

  3. Nice???? Like the osmo pocket getting some use????????

  4. @blvcam I need to find a better mounting spot – solution, tho the movement created some sort of effect.

  5. Can’t wait to be back in town to come see y’all practice again! Good luck this season fellas

  6. @ssupertrucks do you know if I can watch this in the UK?

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