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A lap around @txmotorspeedway with @gavin_harlien in the @vpracingfuels SST – #s…


A lap around @txmotorspeedway with @gavin_harlien in the @vpracingfuels SST





16 thoughts on “A lap around @txmotorspeedway with @gavin_harlien in the @vpracingfuels SST – #s…

  1. Looks like a damn good time!

  2. What a blast man! Sign me.up

  3. These will gain a lot of fans this weekend

  4. This should be televised,fuck f-1

  5. Charlotte Motor Speedway needs to be on the schedule somewhere.

  6. Jumps in the corners? Going to get interesting!

  7. That jump after the gap jump looks like trouble with that right turn after.

  8. This is sweet! Wish I lived closer ????????

  9. Any possibility to see these great races online? Asking from Germany.

  10. ????So wish you guys came to Florida

  11. I think they need some curbs or q nice K rail woop section like @blakewilkey357 lol

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