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More from our ‘Big One’ at @txmotorspeedway – @robbygordon @mattybrabs @jeffhof…


More from our ‘Big One’ at @txmotorspeedway

@robbygordon @mattybrabs @jeffhoffman_47
#stadiumsupertrucks #wreck
Harlien jumpover captured from @murbanvideo




24 replies on “More from our ‘Big One’ at @txmotorspeedway – @robbygordon @mattybrabs @jeffhof…”

@robbygordon #benttubes -love the attitude sir, looks like you’re doing great these days and we love it. Keep on racing & I MUST try and catch a @ssupertrucks show in the future. #madcool

@ssupertrucks, have robbygordon or any other teams reached out to @iracingofficial to scan and have thoses trucks in there game? It would be a great addition for your fans aswell as iRacing members and fans.

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