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@robbygordon WINS race 2 at @gplongbeach, @mattybrabs was 2nd & @gavin_harlien f…


@robbygordon WINS race 2 at @gplongbeach, @mattybrabs was 2nd & @gavin_harlien finished 3rd.

Watch the full race at our YouTube channel or at the #stadiumsupertrucks Facebook page



6 thoughts on “@robbygordon WINS race 2 at @gplongbeach, @mattybrabs was 2nd & @gavin_harlien f…

  1. Another Fantastic race ????

  2. Yay! You still got it! Never doubted that you did! Only thought you stepped aside for the up and coming. My ❤️ beats for you! Awesome!

  3. Congrats @robbygordon

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