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Game face @madmaxgordon – #stadiumsupertrucks – @lizkreutz…


Game face @madmaxgordon


???? @lizkreutz



19 thoughts on “Game face @madmaxgordon – #stadiumsupertrucks – @lizkreutz…

  1. Lets get him in a truck racing soon!!!!!

  2. Rock on @madmaxgordon

  3. Need a Mad Max shirt!!!!

  4. @madmaxgordon ????????????

  5. Who shrunk Robby Gordon ????

  6. That Impact Racing Suit is on point for sure ….

  7. Gordon’s Mini Me….

  8. I can’t handle ????????????????♥️
    The cutest little stud ever

  9. First time I have seen him off a scooter!!!

  10. Put him in a TT and let him go

  11. The look of a champion ????????

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