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@bladehildebrand rear bumper cam – battle with @robbygordon – 2019 @gplongbeach …


@bladehildebrand rear bumper cam – battle with @robbygordon – 2019 @gplongbeach #stadiumsupertrucks




19 thoughts on “@bladehildebrand rear bumper cam – battle with @robbygordon – 2019 @gplongbeach …

  1. I can’t get enough of this camera angle! Just beautiful. Robby really ridding his tail there. Awesome!

  2. @bladehildebrand shutting the door on RG nice!

  3. Well I have to admit I’m know to be brutally honest and not one for pulling punches to me it looks as if Mr Speed was a little RedBull Butthurt there were words of chopping or blocking to me it looks like full on up the ass ramming lmfao

  4. I need that as a daily driver!!!????

  5. @4_run_r @jer_bear_3 ????????

  6. Awesome footage!

  7. I WANT YOU TO GO OUT THERE AND HIT THE PACE CAR ???????????? THE PACE CAR? YES THE PACE CAR I WANT YOU TO BE PERFECT CAUSE YOU HIT EVERYTHING ELSE #rubbingisracing @robbygordon #daysofthunder @tomcruise

  8. @robbygordon Bring the trucks to Denver this summer, please ????

  9. @__grip_ check this video out this was Long Beach Grand Prix ????????

  10. @0ropeza0 hablales ????????????????????

  11. Rubbins, racing! ????????

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