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20 years ago @robbygordon was on his way to winning the 1999 #indy500 but ran ou…


20 years ago @robbygordon was on his way to winning the 1999 #indy500 but ran out of fuel coming to the white flag. Still stings after all this time. Good luck to all the drivers today at Indy #stadiumsupertrucks




24 thoughts on “20 years ago @robbygordon was on his way to winning the 1999 #indy500 but ran ou…

  1. I actually remember that race. He was above and beyond the underdog and has been able to maintain that through his entire career. The man with more skill than any of his sponsors would ever give them credit for. @robbygordon

  2. Your still one of the most accomplished drivers of all time. I remember watching a race where the announcers could not believe you were drifting a Indy car.

  3. “were gonna drive real fast than turn left every once in awhile” – eric cartman in the vagisil car.

  4. Twenty years ago, but that looks like some vintage film from about 40 years ago

  5. Remember this well….still won in my book!!

  6. I member that ????????????

  7. Does not seem like that long ago

  8. Should of pitted on the yellow for a splash !!! @ssupertrucks @robbygordon

  9. That was a heartbreaker

  10. That was a rough day! ????

  11. If he would’ve followed them in he was the last car of the lead lap With about 30 laps to go would’ve just got a shot of fuel it would’ve been his …. they were gambling on a caution It made me sick to my stomach @robbygordon Was the fastest car on the track….” if my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle” Robby has a more natural talent than almost anyone

  12. @robbygordon is one of the most talented drivers of all time no doubt he’s a winner period ????????

  13. @blakegustin789 crazy he was sponsored by @johnsmanville ?

  14. @deshipp I remember this

  15. I remember watching this

  16. Never knew that… ????

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