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Great final lap battle 2016 @hondaindy Toronto #stadiumsupertrucks #throwbackthu…


Great final lap battle 2016 @hondaindy Toronto #stadiumsupertrucks #throwbackthursday




19 thoughts on “Great final lap battle 2016 @hondaindy Toronto #stadiumsupertrucks #throwbackthu…

  1. @sheldoncreed that was some damn driving right there.

  2. @a_frear23 @tribe_of_stimps @hedspan @adamc_5.0 @e92.335adam @johngenevajohn @willtempleton @mattbroadfoot @mrjenko17

  3. @thethrill57 not settling or playing it safe on the last lap ????????????????

  4. So when’s nascars funeral? ????????

  5. @alonsogs20 tenemos que ir a estas madres

  6. @rtmotox this was us racing

  7. How do you become a driver for this kinda thing???

  8. Красавцы????????????????

  9. @jackporter1997 we need to go

  10. @andre007vr @igor_grigoletti @leandroandrade0

  11. This stuff going to be on tv

  12. Absolutely love it! I’d jump in that driver seat in a sec!!! Just wicked

  13. @osmium_seventy_six

  14. ???????????? @osmium_seventy_six pshh call it whatever you want, these are the most badass vehicles in existence ????????

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