Stadium Super Trucks

@cjmearsgang is driving the @speed_energy @menardshomeimprovement SST this weeke…


@cjmearsgang is driving the @speed_energy @menardshomeimprovement SST this weekend at @hondaindy Toronto. #stadiumsupertrucks



6 replies on “@cjmearsgang is driving the @speed_energy @menardshomeimprovement SST this weeke…”

Wth I would think that was a ride for @bladehildebrand if anyone deserves a sponsored ride its @bladehildebrand he does alot for @robbygordon at the snap of a finger (like China exibition) Yeah I’m a lil pro @bladehildebrand hes my daughters Godfather I have lots of love for him and again yeah he should be driving the truck that sports his colors ????

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