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Flying over the @vpracingfuels ramp at @hondaindy #stadiumsupertrucks…


Flying over the @vpracingfuels ramp at @hondaindy




21 thoughts on “Flying over the @vpracingfuels ramp at @hondaindy #stadiumsupertrucks…

  1. Those are some tough ass ramps

  2. Where’s @bladehildebrand in the neon yellow truck?

  3. ????????????????????????

  4. ????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Chingo ????????????????????

  6. @bladehildebrand you need to be out there!!

  7. @03sbcobra @nvrl8te @bobfather1015 @dirtydonsdesigns

  8. ????????????????????????????????

  9. Listen here… I am a big fan… Why did my comment get deleted about where @bladehildebrand is!? You could at least answer me please!?

  10. Absolutely nuts! This video is an epic view. The truth is in real life it’s even better! Can’t wait for tomorrow and see you guys run without a rain delay

  11. @rickywilliams_34 @eric_mauriello @lifteddodge03 @xkylethebarberx

  12. ????So yall need to bring this race back to Australia @ssupertrucks????????????????????

  13. Freaking broke the mic it sounds like lol

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