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Visor Cam from @mattybrabs Race 1 @officialmidohio #stadiumsupertrucks…


Visor Cam from @mattybrabs Race 1 @officialmidohio




11 thoughts on “Visor Cam from @mattybrabs Race 1 @officialmidohio #stadiumsupertrucks…

  1. ???????????? more of this

  2. These are the luckiest guys on earth to get to do this for a living

  3. I dig what you guys are doing so don’t take this wrong @ssupertrucks I’m curious tho, do you run in stadiums? I ask because I miss the days of the stadium trucks

  4. Just like driving to work with obstacles. ? Love it. !

  5. @colepotts60 looking fast bud

  6. @4_run_r ????????

  7. @therealchadelicious

  8. Like a video game????

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