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A “thrilling” moment for @thethrill57 during SST race 1 @officialmidohio • Race …


A “thrilling” moment for @thethrill57 during SST race 1 @officialmidohio

Race 2 winner @gavin_harlien was having a fuel pickup issue but quickly moved his truck off the racing surface.




8 thoughts on “A “thrilling” moment for @thethrill57 during SST race 1 @officialmidohio • Race …

  1. ????Way too close to Both Driver’s having a Bad Day???? Make it mandatory to get off track ASAP for Everyone in Competition’s Safety???? Imagine an impact directly behind Gavin’s seat! SST Rocks????You should book some Tribute acts to perform like Black Sabbitch or The Iron Maiden’s????

  2. I attended the Lake Elsinore CA Event with ????Buck Cherry after the Race???? the night before was Warrant???? It will attract a New Audience to Your Series????

  3. Still coming to York this year @ssupertrucks @robbygordon ?

  4. Thanks for the quick reflexes @thethrill57 ????

  5. Yikes! ???????????? cannot wait to watch these guys at @roadamerica in a few weeks!! ????????????????

  6. Totally invisible until the point of landing, 2m away.. Woah.. Those bricks being sh*t.. 😀

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