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This is how @eversley rolls at @officialmidohio • #stadiumsupertrucks @continent…


This is how @eversley rolls at @officialmidohio

#stadiumsupertrucks @continental_tire




20 thoughts on “This is how @eversley rolls at @officialmidohio • #stadiumsupertrucks @continent…

  1. Awesome footage. Confirmed what I thought.

  2. That was an awesome race to watch! A must see!!

  3. Way to go @eversley ????????

  4. These things should be available for public retail. Lol

  5. @cecilmenk good action today…

  6. @_two_bears_high_fiving_

  7. I would be so pissed! Lol he’s composed

  8. You crashed your car man you are out of the race and the driver be like na na na I am coming ????????????????

  9. I absolutely love this racing

  10. Well that explains a lot. I couldn’t figure out why he landed sideways by watching the race yesterday. He seemed to take off straight.. ????

  11. Nascar would have thrown the yellow for 3 laps. Not SST, these guys they keep rolling and kicking ass. Go SST , best racing out there !

  12. Of course @claig_stevens

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