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Flying over the gap – 2014 @sandsportssupershow @apdalylopez @rpmoffroad – @robb…


Flying over the gap – 2014 @sandsportssupershow @apdalylopez @rpmoffroad –
@robbygordon had the vision to turn this parking lot into an action packed dirt/asphalt track #stadiumsupertrucks



9 thoughts on “Flying over the gap – 2014 @sandsportssupershow @apdalylopez @rpmoffroad – @robb…

  1. Bring back Costa Mesa ????

  2. Bring back these tracks ????????????

  3. If they do I’ll bring the explorer! @nick_tonelli

  4. The @trophyltd1990 loved that crossover jump ????????????????????

  5. I was there a hell of a race… even @bjbaldwin was there . @apdalylopez won one of the 2 days

  6. 1if they do im racing the chevy

  7. Scott Speed probably wouldn’t have broke his back flying a SST, just say’n

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