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Practice at @roadamerica @gavin_harlien @robbygordon #stadiumsupertrucks…


Practice at @roadamerica
@gavin_harlien @robbygordon #stadiumsupertrucks




15 thoughts on “Practice at @roadamerica @gavin_harlien @robbygordon #stadiumsupertrucks…

  1. Wow the way the ramps set up makes for a smooth landing. ????

  2. beautiful v8 sound

  3. You guys already mowing the lawn on entry in practice? ????????

  4. @rollindirtty_0n35s

  5. Wish you could run it backwards and hit that ramp downhill

  6. T-minus tomorrow! ????????????????

  7. @mountainbike_dre ????????????????????????

  8. So nasty smooth! @nick_land

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