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The last lap battle between @gavin_harlien & @mattybrabs from @colepotts60 roofc…


The last lap battle between @gavin_harlien & @mattybrabs from @colepotts60 roofcam – @roadamerica race 1





23 thoughts on “The last lap battle between @gavin_harlien & @mattybrabs from @colepotts60 roofc…

  1. @thagoose1 @jimbo_cantrell

  2. @colepotts60 is on fire this year

  3. Great attack on the outside! ????

  4. 3rd to 1st! Entertaining as always!

  5. Way to stay focused @colepotts60 great job!!

  6. You couldn’t ask for more action from a motorsport… UNLESS, you move the jumps to the braking zones, maybe? i love it! 🙂

  7. @rutherfordbrad @arutherford333

  8. Thought you guys ran the short course?

  9. What are peak speeds?

  10. Bummer for @gavin_harlien. Was leaning hard but clean on matty. Almost had it. Congrats to you @colepotts60 ????

  11. From 3rd to 1st????????????????

  12. Where’s @bladehildebrand ?

  13. I hope the next Forza Motorsport game has Super Stadium Truck races

  14. Where’s blade at????

  15. @colepotts60 think you owe @mattybrabs a ???? ????????

  16. They should take these to @travispastrana’s RX course, that would be some good racing.

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