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Such great racing and a nice save by @christopherpolvoorde @roadamerica #stadiu…


Such great racing and a nice save by @christopherpolvoorde
@roadamerica #stadiumsupertrucks race 3




19 thoughts on “Such great racing and a nice save by @christopherpolvoorde @roadamerica #stadiu…

  1. Went for a quick bike ride ????

  2. The @mattybrabs lawn care service is thriving!

  3. Man I wanna drive one of these things!

  4. I like how the track is more a ‘suggestion’ than anything else..

  5. Nice trucks ????⛽️????????

  6. Just Go Go Go!!!!! Who gives fuck about the grass just get the hell outa the way!!!!!!!????????????????

  7. Was a great race, glade I was able to be there in person to see it. This was the second time I was able to watch them in person. It is always a great time watching @ssupertrucks race. I hope they are back up @roadamerica again next year the same weekend. ????????

  8. I told you @christopherpolvoorde could bike it @robbygordon! ????????????

  9. Nobody does it better

  10. By far SSTRUCKS, is the most entertaining form of mortorsport currently in the world

  11. What would it take to get a driver in one of these trucks? I am serious. If I had the cash I know someone who would not disappoint and I would personally sponsor!!!

  12. Road America is my favorite track . Go SST!

  13. @jeremy._.smith1 @taylor._.0605 wow!

  14. @allsicklike @figthestig

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