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If you’re coming to @portland_gp #stadiumsupertrucks this weekend, the @speed_en…


If you’re coming to @portland_gp #stadiumsupertrucks this weekend, the @speed_energy souvenir trailer is here and in a ‘can’t miss’ location: Next to the fronstretch crossover bridge.



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There is some great apparel on there from tshirts to hats to stickers and much more. I got some apparel from the trailer when it was @roadamerica. The only down side was when I got home and opened one of my @ssupertrucks t-shirts there was a big hole and a few smaller holes on the back below the neck/collar of the shirt. So I called SST and left a voicemail, hope I can possibly get a replacement. Other was had a great time watching them. After the last race was over I was lucky to get a part of @robbygordon truck body that got a little torn up and even got him to sign it.

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