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Portland Smoke Show with @robbygordon @sheldoncreed & a @mattybrabs photo bomb #…


Portland Smoke Show with @robbygordon @sheldoncreed & a @mattybrabs photo bomb #stadiumsupertrucks #smoke @speedrccars




13 thoughts on “Portland Smoke Show with @robbygordon @sheldoncreed & a @mattybrabs photo bomb #…

  1. ????Grab your partner Dosey Doe, make ‘em smoke then let ‘em go”. Super fun!! ????

  2. The guy in the background ob two wheels was sick

  3. Loving the random bicycle about 1/2 way through ????????

  4. Where’s the diy on this fuel system

  5. So bummed I miss these races! @ssupertrucks come back to PDX soon!

  6. Best motorsport series going on right now. The big guys could learn a thing or two from SST ????

  7. Watching all the way from Kenya and I like the excitement you guys are trying to being to Motorsport. Hope you get to F1 levels some day

  8. Thank you @robbygordon and @sheldoncreed for the smoke show right in front of us! Made out Day for sure! ❤️

  9. Oh man, you guys rock.

  10. @philshepley @stephen_jnr_hall @papas90 Just like in the X3’s at Leeman. Only missing the guy cruising past on two wheels haha

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