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Who sent it better? @robbygordon (orange truck) or @colepotts60 (blue/red/white…


Who sent it better?
@robbygordon (orange truck)
@colepotts60 (blue/red/white truck)
#china #stadiumsupertrucks




10 thoughts on “Who sent it better? @robbygordon (orange truck) or @colepotts60 (blue/red/white…

  1. How many trucks were there? But I probably would say the orange truck set up further

  2. That’s an interesting format????????‍☠️????

  3. @colepotts60 by a letter

  4. Max did… ????????????????

  5. Looking at the stills, I would say Potts. Looking at the attitude of the truck, they look equal like maybe Cole’s is a frame or two later. Doesn’t matter to me though. This is an amazing series.

  6. hello my friend you are perfect i want your permission to use your instagram videos on my youtube channel and my instagram account , I will add the description of the link of your video

    thank you so much

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