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Clips of @robbygordon during the 2019 #baja400 – @speedutv @speedsxs @toyotires …


Clips of @robbygordon during the 2019 #baja400

@speedutv @speedsxs @toyotires @kmcwheels @rpmoffroad @kingshocks #utv #offroad #trophytruck #baja




7 thoughts on “Clips of @robbygordon during the 2019 #baja400 – @speedutv @speedsxs @toyotires …

  1. Looks like the General Lee on steroids ???? Go Robby ????????????

  2. Damn I wanna go for a ride!

  3. If they did qualifying Robby would be #1 on the podium that’s a fact ! Let’s go Robby get the big one

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