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#stadiumsupertrucks gap jump at Lake Elsinore, 2018 #offroad #stadium…


#stadiumsupertrucks gap jump at Lake Elsinore, 2018
#offroad #stadium



19 thoughts on “#stadiumsupertrucks gap jump at Lake Elsinore, 2018 #offroad #stadium…

  1. The stadium was perfect for sst

  2. Good times right there!

  3. Bring back that venue ???????????????????????????????? …. by far the best …., !!!!!!!!

  4. Need more of this

  5. Anaheim stadium any time soon? @robbygordon bring the series to your backyard man! I’d go in a heartbeat

  6. ????I’m in that shot behind the cloud of dust????Great Event followed by Buck Cherry????

  7. Coming back to lake Elsinore?? @robbygordon

  8. Back on dirt anytime soon? Possibly stadiums

  9. When will you be back..???

  10. The biggest jump I ever hit in 1st gear in 1406. Before trying to win freestyle lol ????????????????????????

  11. When can I drive in an event? UTV or Trucks.

  12. I’ve been to a few SST races and I thought this was one of the best!!!

  13. ???????????????????????? how about Pyro

  14. Can’t wait to have you back in Australia

  15. This was a fun night @ssupertrucks Course was a little tight but it was fun!!!

  16. @robbygordon @ssupertrucks ^^ see people want the dirt tight stadium races far the funnest i has in the truck and it was my first race !! Bring it back ????????

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