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Spin it & pin it @tobyprice87 #goldcoast #stadiumsupertrucks Race 1 @boostaus…


Spin it & pin it @tobyprice87 #goldcoast #stadiumsupertrucks Race 1 @boostaus




24 thoughts on “Spin it & pin it @tobyprice87 #goldcoast #stadiumsupertrucks Race 1 @boostaus…

  1. Take a bite out of it like a shark ???????? great save! We need some announcer like this ????

  2. I want to drive one sooooooo bad

  3. This racing category is so funny

  4. ????????????????????????

  5. @olyconstable @bcjeep_r34

  6. @casselman_88 @mattycones Spin to win!

  7. @jimmys_welding @ac.death.note

  8. Hands down, the best damn racing series there is!

  9. Biff-Biffle is being allowed to race????

  10. Where can you see race replays ?

  11. @sergisup10 aixo que?

  12. @tobyprice87 wheelin’ er’!

  13. @t.clarke99 @jackminter

  14. @mlan95 this looks awesome

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