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2013 Qualcomm Stadium San Diego #throwbackthursday #stadiumsupertrucks…


2013 Qualcomm Stadium San Diego
#throwbackthursday #stadiumsupertrucks



12 thoughts on “2013 Qualcomm Stadium San Diego #throwbackthursday #stadiumsupertrucks…

  1. Miss them good old days ????

  2. That was the best event Qualcomm stadium ever held!

  3. I was at that race, track layout was so fun

  4. Post pictures of the races at the colusuem

  5. Let’s get back to doing this!

  6. Qualcomm and Elsinore were awesome! Love the stadiums, love the Indycar tracks. So much action for the price of admission, and unparalleled access to the drivers. Greatest show on Earth!????

  7. Come backkkkk????????

  8. Wow. This looks awesome. @chunkyboy1977 @michael.lock4

  9. You should get one more in there before they demolish it.

  10. Should come back to SD @ssupertrucks …screw feld motorsports

  11. Let @travispastrana design a track!

  12. Please come to Brisbane Australia and do this, would be awesome ????

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