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SST demo in China with @robbygordon & @zachvanmatre #stadiumsupertrucks @speedu…


SST demo in China with @robbygordon & @zachvanmatre #stadiumsupertrucks
@speedutv @speedrccars



8 thoughts on “SST demo in China with @robbygordon & @zachvanmatre #stadiumsupertrucks @speedu…

  1. Replay sticker?
    Can someone help them return a call?
    Or do I throw these away?

  2. Robby Gordon might possibly be as cool as Erik Estrada! #coolaserikestrada

  3. Stand with hk ????????

  4. Stand with hk ????????

  5. They got Chinese food out there? ????

  6. De las pocas veces que se mira sonriendo…

  7. I want to see a back flip like the RC car

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