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#throwbackthursday 2017 Lake Elsinore @gavin_harlien • The #stadiumsupertrucks r…


#throwbackthursday 2017 Lake Elsinore @gavin_harlien

The #stadiumsupertrucks return to Storm Stadium October 2-3, 2020




6 thoughts on “#throwbackthursday 2017 Lake Elsinore @gavin_harlien • The #stadiumsupertrucks r…

  1. Such a rad event, can’t wait till this year !!!

  2. Ooh, I can’t wait! Fun road trip weekend! Gonna stay at the “Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn”. ????

  3. @gavin_harlien if you are racing SST in Elsinore next year and need a photographer, let me know. DM me so I can swap info

  4. @robbygordon RG please don’t run this on this date. It’s on top of the the Lucas Glen Helen Race ????‍♀️

  5. My man Gavin! Always sending it ↗️

  6. This looks so damn fun.

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