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Packed stands at @gplongbeach #stadiumsupertrucks…


Packed stands at @gplongbeach #stadiumsupertrucks




22 thoughts on “Packed stands at @gplongbeach #stadiumsupertrucks…

  1. ❤️awesome truck racing

  2. Come off that jump crooked just one time…

  3. It’s fun see that my video is still floatings around.

  4. When are they coming back to Ca ?

  5. I need one for a daily driver truck. ????????

  6. Formula 1 can go F it self

  7. The trucks are the event always look forward to when I go to the Grand Prix, right behind the imsa race ????

  8. I can go this year since it’s a 20 minute walk from my house

  9. Hell yeah! ????I’ll keep an eye out to come

  10. Can literally see myself standing in the front can’t wait for April????????

  11. Just “WOW!!” That power, that distance, that sound! Love it????

  12. Great racing Any chance these can come to the UK in the near future.

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