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#throwbackthursday 2015 @adelaide500 #stadiumsupertrucks exciting finish…


#throwbackthursday 2015 @adelaide500 #stadiumsupertrucks exciting finish




12 thoughts on “#throwbackthursday 2015 @adelaide500 #stadiumsupertrucks exciting finish…

  1. @ssupertrucks should have a passenger with a paintball gun to make it more interesting

  2. ????????????????????????

  3. @rickywilliams_34 @eric_mauriello

  4. ???????????????? برگاااااااااممم

  5. ????????????????????????

  6. Epic. I’m hoping to try and shoot some super trucks this season. ????????

  7. What channel can you watch this on in canada ?

  8. Muito bacana essas corridas, quem dera se tivesse aqui no Brasil.

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